Polyco d.o.o. has designed central vacuum systems for many facilities around the world: the building of the Ministry of Energy in Tehran, a hotel in Indonesia, the Atlanta Center in the USA, a hotel in Moscow, hotels and business premises in Italy, France, the building of the Regional Air Traffic Control in Belgrade.

In Belgrade, Podgorica, Banja Luka, Novi Sad, Šabac, Sombor, Požega, Kraljevo, Čačak, Teslić, Pirot, Niš, Leskovac, ... central vacuum systems have been implemented in many private buildings, commercial and residential, hotels and city libraries.

Central vacuum systems can be installed in all types of buildings: from private houses to the largest commercial buildings.
The following references are only a small part of the wide application of these systems.

Central vacuum systems are the standard for construction in most developed countries around the world.

Object type Place Name of institution
Office building Belgrade National Bank of Serbia
Office building Belgrade Sava Center
Detergent packaging plant Kruševac Henkel Serbia doo
Vertić Veternik Novi Sad PU Radosno Detinjstvo
Commercial residential building Podgorica Europact
Optical lens factory Belgrade Poll doo
Factory of electronic components Niš DMV
Hotel Drina Bijeljina /
Residential building Strahinjić Ban /
Residential building Pcinjska /
Residential building Sculptor Đoka Jovanović /
Residential building Kragujevac /
Flight Control Building Belgrade Airport /
Library of Šabac Šabac /
Adonis Sokobanja /
Demax Belgrade /

Completed projects:
City Place Name/Type of institution
Mantua Italy Restaurant
Utah USA /
Atlanta USA /
Pylos Greece Karalis Hotel
/ Indonesia Hayek vurum
Khimki Russia Business Center
Tehran Iran Building of the Ministry of Energy

Private buildings (houses, apartments, business premises):
Object type Place
House Požega
House Balajnac
Apartment Zemun
House Kraljevo
House Ruma
House Bogava
House Stara Pazova
Architecture Bureau Sombor
House Kruševac
House Zdrelo, Petrovac
House Sabac
House Bečići
House Cacak
Apartment Belgrade - South Boulevard
Apartment Banja Luka
House Sabac
Motel Pirot
Apartment Belgrade - Senjak
Apartment Kragujevac
House Ruma
House Novi Sad
Apartment Mladenovac
House Banja Luka
House Batajnica - Busije
House Belgrade - Kumodraz
House Grdelica
Apartment Leskovac
House Novi Sad
Apartments Fighting
Ordinance Vršac
Residential building Belgrade - Zemun
House Dražmirovac
House Mladenovac
House Oraovica
Apartment Niš
House Orašje
House Lajkovac
Apartment Belgrade - Kosutnjak
House Zabrega
Apartment Belgrade - Tošin Bunar
Hotel Belgrade - Tošin Bunar
House Vranje
House Stalać
House Kindergarten