Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner

Robò, Robot Cleaner integrated with a central vacuum system.
Completely independent and works autonomously. Robot vacuum cleaner, vacuums and polishes floors, it is connected to a central vacuum system, so it is automatically emptied.

Robò, the vacuuming robot, is a new innovative service system for your home combined with a special stationary base, which automatically empties the vacuumed content using a central system vacuuming (central vacuum cleaner).

It is the perfect addition to any central vacuum cleaner, Plug&Play ready to use immediately.
Installation is easy, fast, simple and intuitive and anyone can do it.

It is designed to be used on all existing Tubo vacuum systems, but also on central vacuum systems of other manufacturers.

It can be activated via a mobile application (iOS or Android) and controlled in various ways.
Gyro mapping technology compatible with Google, Alexa voice commands.

On command it cleans or washes, automatically emptying the tank of the accumulated of dust at the end of the cleaning cycle and recharges to be ready for another work cycle.

Robo height of only 7.5 cm allows it to work even under furniture, sofas, beds or under kitchen furniture with a minimum height of 13 cm.

Weight and dimensions of Robo: 4 kg / diameter 350 mm / height 75 mm
Weight of Base dimensions: 2.20 kg / width 300 mm / height: 55 mm / length: 540 mm

The set consists of:
- a robot, which washes and polishes the floors
- self-cleaning bases connected to the exit point of the existing vacuum cleaner system or to its dedicated socket.

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